Autofellatio, yogafellatio, auto-fellatio, auto fellatio, self suck, solo suck is the act of orally stimulating your own penis. "Auto" for "self'" & "fellatio" for sucking the penis. You may see autofellatio spelt many ways: auto-fellatio, auto fellatio, auto felatio, auto-felatio, and autofelation.

You don't have to be a contortionist or gymnast to perform autofellatistic sex. Spelling the word is puzzling, however.

Autocunnilingus is the name given to woman who can perform oral sex on herself. "Auto," again meaning "self" and "cunnus" meaning vulva. You may see autocunnilingus spelt auto-cunnilingus or autocunnilingus, too. It is sometimes mis-spelt as autocunilingus, auto cunilingus, auto-cunilingus, autocunillingus, auto cunnillingus, or auto-cunnilingus.

There are also common mis-spelling of autofellatio, such as auto felatio, autofelatio, auto-felatio. The most common being "auto" and "fellatio" with a space between, them. Other examples are autofolatio, auto-folatio, auto folatio. A person whow performs auto-fellatio would be an autofellationist, or auto fellationist, or auto fellationist. Autofellator, auto-fellator, and auto fellator are also common derivatives of the word, as well as autofellater, auto-fellater, and auto fellater. Of course, these could also be spelt auto felater, auto felator, or with hyphens between the prefix and secondary word. Autofellating would be the act of autofellatio; or auto fellating, or auto-fellating. Autofellation would be the act of performing autofellatio. This could also be spelt auto fellation or auto-fellation.

As one can see, just trying to spell and define the word properly is a bit difficult!

There are colloquial words which also reference the act of auto-fellatio. The most common are self suck and selfsuck. Also, solosuck and solo suck; and even solo-suck. Self love (self-love) is also applicable. Another popular word is self sucking or self suck (self-suck). This could be autosexual in nature or even, for example, merely a woman sucking her toes. This brings us to self-sex, self sex, and selfsex. All forms of autosex or autosexuality. "Suck myself" or "sucking myself" is a common expression for this type of sexuality. Don't forget, how to give yourself a blow job, how to give yourself a blowjob, or how to give myself head or give myself a blowjob. Suck my own penis, suck my own cock, suck my own dick, are cruder examples that your English teacher would probably not approve of.

There are other variations of the word, such as auto felacao or autofelacao or auto-felacao. Lest we forget using Yoga to help men auto-fellate - Yogafellatio, Yoga fellatio, Yogafelatio, or Yoga-fellatio. The "Y" in Yoga should always be capitalized, as it is a proper noun. A lot of people don't realize that. Especially those interested in naked Yoga, sexual Yoga, and tantric Yoga or Tantra Yoga. These are forms of nude Yoga.There is also Kundalini Yoga and Kundalinic Yoga that Tantrists perform. Don't forget meditation, too.

Men are interested in how to autofellatio or how to perform autofellatio or perform autofellation. They are interested in autofellatio stretches, autofellatio tips, and autofellatio guidance. Material on such things are available. Such as autofellatio book, autofellatio guide, and autofellatio video. Or, of course, auto fellatio book, auto fellatio guide, and autofellatio video. Some men desire free autofellatio or "autofellatio free". Auto fellatio images or autofellatio images are looked for an collected. Even autofellatio pictures are cherished by collectors. No matter if you call it autofelacio, auto felacio, autofelashio, auto felashio, or autofelacao. Don't forget auto felacao. This is important to make a note of.  Autofelação is a new one. And is not so commonly used to describe a man pleasuring his own penis.

Can one take an autofellatio class or contact an autofellatio contorionist? Autofellatio help, perhaps? What about autosuck or autosucking? What is auto suck really mean? Autofellatio for women, is it possible?  Maybe autofellatio help from a woman? Perhaps a Yoga expert can be of assistance in this desire. Some men have auto fellatio dreams or autofellatio dreams. Actually, most men dream of autofellatio. Extreme autofellatio and extreme auto fellatio are also possibilities. How to give yourself fellatio is great. What about how to give yourself felatio or why not, how to give yourself autofellatio? Self men blasen, perhaps? Positions for autofellatio. Take a selfsuck journey if you like. Stretches to help auto fellatio are available. So are stretches for autofellatio. Self suck ebook is now available. Techniques of autofellatio are available when one understands what is Yogafellatio. How to Yogafellatio. There are also autofellatio stories and auto fellatio stories. Why not share your autofellatio experience with others?

Don't forget foreign definitions, either: sich selbst einen blasen selfsucken, autofellate, sich selbst einen blasen, autofellazio, autofelacao, automamar, autofellacio, autofelazio, autofellazio, and auto fellazio.

Wild autofellatio is not too "wild," it is merely a form of self expression of self-sexual love. Men with guidance in autofellatio exercises can achieve results, in most cases. Even if it by using auto fellatio exercises or Yoga for Autofellatio. Don't forget Yoga for Auto fellatio. Why not a how to autofellate book? Or a how to auto fellate guide? Or possibly a how to autofelate system of techniques? Yes, there are autofellatio techniques. Yoga autofellation is as possible as Yoga auto fellation to the trained and educated individual.

Is autofellating dangerous? Not if it is performed properly and correctly. Proper guidance is suggested. No matter what or how you to choose to define it or call it, I think we can now understand what the word means from many different points-of-view (in regards to spelling).

Good luck!