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Autofellatio and Penis Enlargement Breakthroughs - Breaking the Chains of Media Censorship
Yogafellatio is a book on Autofellatio and how to Autofellate
Penis enlargement is a big deal these days and has grown immensely in popularity over the last ten years. The main reason for this is because of the Internet.

Before the Internet, such topics as "penis enlargement" were largely regarded as taboo and "not for regular public consumption." Nor were such ideas or products easily accessible to the general public. If a man wanted to purchase a penis pump, he had to find a back-alley x-rated bookstore or shop to get what he desired. If none were available, he was left with trying to mail order something from an advertisement in an adult magazine or newspaper.

This all changed with the creation and acceptance of the Internet. Now, the media who previously censored and refused to sell such merchandise were left holding the bag. Thanks to the Internet, the regular media has a hard time forcing a stranglehold on consumer products. Thanks to the digital age, consumers don't have to be forced to choose products that the mainstream media deems as appropriate (by them and their sponsors).

Of course, when the regular media saw how profitable such products as penis enlargement could be, they released their ban on such products. They were slow to respond but are now advertising such "taboo" products on main-stream television and magazines. Hey, when profits are at stake, no one wants to be left behind. Is this hypocritical? Of course it is. But that's the oil that seems to be lubing the Media Machine that influences our tastes, purchases, and desires - much more than we realize.

Today, however, we have this burgeoning marketplace of penis enlargement products, thanks to the Internet. Products a man can purchase in the privacy of his own home, without having to take an excursion into some dark-alley porn shop, as if he was purchasing illegal contraband.

As "sexuality" becomes more open and more accessible, people are beginning to explore their sexuality more and more every day. What was shocking twenty years ago has been castrated to something that isn't even worth yawning about today.

One methodology of sexuality that is gaining in popularity and acceptance is autofellatio and autocunnilingus. These are masturbatory methods which allow a man or woman to stimulate their own private parts. But not in any old way. No. These techniques utilize their own mouths. This makes it a form of self-oral sex.

Is this so shocking or surprising? Hardly not. Artifacts from around the world prove that such acts were being carried out all around the world and were considered quite normal. Such acts are even included in religious books, mythology, and in numerous forms of ceremonial displays.

So, I guess it took the Digital Age to allow us to, once again, finally learn about sexual methods that were employed thousands of years ago. Sexual methods that have been repressed, censored, and attacked for their connotative-perversive content. It should be interesting to see how people respond to autofellatio and autocunnilingus ten years from now. There is still massive amounts of censorship that abound with this type of sexuality - from message boards - to search engines - to social bookmarking sites - and even to some Internet providers.

It will, indeed, be interesting to look back, ten years from now, and see if the public has completely woken up to this form of sexuality or not. Of course, we should be thankful that such information and products are beginning to see acceptance again. Who knows what has been censored, prohibited, and removed in the past...? Who knows what sort of sexual gifts had been previously discovered, only to be destroyed and erased from history?

Understand that no engineering firm today admits that they could even possibly begin to build the largest pyramid at Giza, Egypt. It is impossible for modern man, with all of our technological advances and advantages, to simply replicate a structure that was built thousands of years ago by the Egyptians...

It's worth noting that Egyptian records indicate that these very same people, who built such impossible engineering marvels, were well aware of autofellatio and that it even had its place in ancient Egyptian religion and mythology.

It truly makes one wonder what sexual treasures they also discovered, researched, and honed. Clearly, these amazing people were far more advanced, in many ways, than what we are today.

Men who are interested in Autofellatio need only educate themselves on the process if they are curious about performing such acts. The book Yogafellatio is a fine book on the subject which should make a nice addition to your personal library.