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Autofellatio and the Common Man - Is it Really So Difficult to Perform This Form of Masturbation?
Yogafellatio is a book on Autofellatio and how to Autofellate
Autofellatio is a form of autosexualism. This means that the person engages, with themselves, in sex. The most common form of autosexuality is masturbation. Masturbation is practised by Men and Women all over the world and is no stranger to most other animals on the planet.

One controversial form of masturbation is Autofellatio. This is the act where a man performs masturbation on his own penis via oral stimulation (by himself). Does that sound a bit impossible? Perhaps... Then, consider this: When women stimulate their vulva orally (by themselves) this is called Autocunnilingus. Understandably, this seems even more of an impossibility.

However, both certain men and women are capable of this form of autosexual stimulation. A simple search on the Internet will reveal some surprising photos of these acts. The photographs are "untouched" and real. That leaves us with the knowledge that this form of autosexuality is possible and is practised all over the world.

Most men have an interest in being able to autofellate. I think it's just a natural form of sexual curiosity that awakens at puberty. Most men will admit that they've tried to autofellate; that is if they're being honest. The men who typically respond that they would never think of such a thing are the same men that won't admit to masturbating.

As most men have tried to autofellate and have been disappointed in their attempts, it brings us back to the question if it is, indeed, so hard to accomplish?

The truth is: Not Really. The key is to train the body to respond in such a way that it can perform this task. I'm sure we've all seen contortionists at work. I've seen videos of men folding and bending themselves to such a great degree that they can fit in a small suitcase! (BTW, I always thought that would be a great plot for any crime/drama movie. That is, to have a crime committed by someone who can hide in a bank, after hours, by folding themselves up in a small suitcase and go unnoticed.)

While contortionists can accomplish the seemingly impossible, the truth is that in order to autofellate, one does not have to have the flexibility of these extremes to accomplish such a task. Just look at what people are able to do with Yoga postures. Truly amazing contortions that any person can practise and learn to do. It's like riding a bicycle for the first time. At first it seems impossible, but with a little training it becomes so simplistic and second natured.

Which brings us to the answer of the question posed in the Title of this article. And that is that, yes, autofellatio is not that difficult for the common man. The key is to learn how to ride that bicycle, or perform autofellatio, properly.

Men with an interest in autofellatio would be advised to seek out books and information on Yoga. Many simple Yoga techniques can help men get closer to their autofellational goals. There is plenty of information, actually, on the Internet that is free for men to explore. However, always cross-check your data and information, as not every Yoga site has accurate and concise information.