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Erotic Yoga and Exploring Its Many Sexual Facets For Improved Sex and Masturbation
Yogafellatio is a book on Autofellatio and how to Autofellate
Many people are aware that Yoga can be very helpful for relieving stress, enhancing a peace-of-mind state, and helping to embody people with increased health and stamina. What relation may Yoga have to the sexual act? Is Yoga truly a canvas of sexual possibilities that nearly everyone can creatively and enjoyably paint to a colorful and dynamic orgasm?

There are as many forms of Yoga out today as there are cities in the world. Some are based more on traditional texts and teachings that have been around for thousands of years, while others are "new age" inventions that pull from the traditional teachings and mix them with more modern philosophies of thought and exercise.

However, the concept of sex and Yoga being a newly-created concept is hardly true. Sex and Yoga have a long and closely-connected history. For example, some forms of Tantric Yoga have developed specific usage of sex for development of the spirit and for an escape (liberation) from psychologically-common human borders. These higher-states of release are obtained via the sexual act and exploiting its energy for use as a means of spiritual evolution and escape.

Many Yoga postures and practices also deal with methods that enhance the sexual system in the male or female; and also act as an enhancer when such energies have been developed and are employed with a partner (thus making the energy "whole" or more potent). It is not uncommon for people to use Yoga as a method to strengthen their sexual systems, to enjoy more powerful and elated orgasms, and even to aid in helping with impotence, increasing stamina, and erectile dysfunction.

Many Yoga poses are also studied and utilized for varying sexual positions. Many of these positions are to make the sexual act more comfortable for either or both partners. Some are utilized for their angularity of penetration; meaning that they allow entrance to the vagina by the penis in ways that are more stimulating (for one or both partners) and are unavailable to the non-Yoga practitioner. Just a quick glance at the sexual positions in the Kama Sutra will clearly show positions that are much easier obtained when one has a background in Yoga.

The increased flexibility that Yoga offers, certainly adds to the spectrum of different positions that are clearly not possible without having studied and practised this art, science, and philosophy. One extended possibility of increased flexibility is that autosexuality may be finally realized. Whether it is autocunnilingus (women orally stimulating their own vulva) or autofellatio (men orally stimulating their own penises). Ancient statues in India clearly point that this was a form of sexuality that was practiced and realized in its day. Many other ancient cultures have also left behind clues and relics that point to this form of sexuality.

Clearly, those who are interested in exploring the many facets of sexuality would be wise to study and embrace Yoga and its many wondrous possibilities.