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Imagine a Form of Masturbation That Is Completely Mind Blowing and Intense! Autofellatio Exploration
Yogafellatio is a book on Autofellatio and how to Autofellate
Masturbation is hardly a new concept to the world of sexuality. Humans are professionals at it and many other animals perform it, too. Self-sexual stimulation helps relieve pain and tension, helps us sleep more peacefully, and, of course, feels fantastic. It can even help equalize our metabolism, burn calories, and help us lose weight.

There are an infinite number of methods a man can use for masturbation. For example, there are numerous types of "toys" that can be employed during masturbatory acts. One can add different lotions or gels to heighten the experience. And, of course, getting a hold of some adult material that is highly stimulating can really get men going. Especially for men with a fetish. For example, if one prefers sexy women's feet, a man can look at videos or pictures of this type of material and get especially aroused by such images. Many fetishes are not always accepted by our sexual partners, so it can be a real treat for a man to live out his sexual fetishes and fantasies while masturbating.

I've been autofellating for about eight years. This is where a man is able to stimulate his own sexual organ with his mouth. This is done by having the ability to bend far enough forward to bring his lips and mouth to his penis.

This form of masturbation isn't so common, as people seem to think that it is impossible to flex forward enough. This isn't always the case, though. Many people are surprised to learn that simple Yoga postures, stretches, and muscle/fascia targeting can afford men greater flexibility. Such increases in trunk flexion are all that is needed. One just needs to learn the proper method of learning how to do so.

These forms of orgasms are extremely mind-blowing and quite intense. The reason for this is that a man knows exactly what feels best for him during oral sex. You see, all men are different in the sensations of their penises. What may drive one man wild might not have much effect on another man. Let's say you hook up with a girl and she likes to perform fellatio on you. But she doesn't really do it the way that you really like. She doesn't understand why you aren't responding better, because her last boyfriend loved her technique and style. This can make oral sex a bit awkward and puzzling for both partners. This dilemma can leave one partner feeling unappreciated and the other partner sexually unsatisfied and frustrated.

This isn't the case if you are the one who is performing the ACTUAL sexual act. You can hold off when you want, apply more suction, decrease suction, stimulate certain areas, time yourself and sexual responses, speed up or slow down, mix and match techniques, experiment, and basically do everything perfectly that gets you off in the most intense and incredible ways possible. Ways that no one else can possibly be able to do...

This is what autofellatio is all about. It puts YOU in absolute control of your sexual cravings, feelings, sensations, and desires. Then it allows YOU to carry about the absolute best method to stimulate these yearnings. The end result is that YOU encounter orgasms like you never dreamed were possible.
The choice is up to YOU.