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Should Autofellatio Be Taught to Prison Inmates to Help Reduce the Incidence of Prison Rape?
Yogafellatio is a book on Autofellatio and how to Autofellate
Prison rape is a terrible and unfortunate act in which the victims are typically incarcerated younger men. There have been many attempts to curb such inhuman processes from happening. Organizations, such as Stop Prison Rape, have been instrumental in trying to stop such atrocities. Their missionary credo of, "Dealing with the problems of rape, sexual assault, un-consensual sexual slavery, and forced prostitution in the prison context," certainly makes one stop and realize that such inhumane actions are quite real and most abusive to the victims involved.

One very fundamentally important element is that prison rape victims are ten times more likely to "catch" a sexual-transmitted disease, rather unfortunately, against their will.

The U.S. Government, too, has taken action to dampen such abuse with the Prison Rape Elimination Act of 2003. This law was the first Federal Law passed that deals with the sexual assault of prisoners.

Such actions have done much to stop the sexual exploitation of prisoners against their will. But the problem is still very real and still exists. Numbers are impossible to properly quantify, and vary with each prison, but it is estimated that the percentage of prisoners who will be raped (during their incarceration) is between 10% to 23%. Maximum-security prisons tend to have the highest percentages.

Rates of reported prison rape have declined since public awareness has been raised. The diligent efforts of organizations, such as the aforementioned Stop Prison Rape, have invested enormous amounts of hard work and energy to help put a stop to these crimes.

Autofellatio may not be the answer to inhibiting prison rape, but it is something worth exploring. Autofellatio is the manner in which a man is able to orally stimulate his own penis. If men were educated on such techniques and taught how to perform such acts, would this help curb the number of prison rapes that occur? It's quite possible. In the prison setting, if a man has the ability to perform fellatio on himself, may this not act as a catharsis (for his sexual desires) and minimize the possibility that another man might be forced to provide fellatio to/for him, against the secondary man's will?

The rewards of autofellatio yield more than just the sexual aspect of these techniques. If taught properly, it can help men become more physically flexible, more physically fit, and more physically aware of how their bodies function. Techniques, such as Yoga, that if employed properly, can help men become healthier, feel less stress, help diminish their anger and violence, help them to sleep easier, and to help them realize an inner peace. While that may sound like something preached at a Hippie Commune in the late '60s, the scientific evidence indicates that Yoga does offer these rewards if it is properly studied and utilized effectively.

No man is an island; and no man has the perfect answer. It should be noted, however, that autofellatio in the prison setting may prove to be a cathartic than can help reduce prison rape, increase inmate health, provide a hobby that can improve and reward one's self, and provide additional peace of mind.