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Three Simple Tips For Men Interested in Performing Oral Sex on Themselves (Autofellatio)
Yogafellatio is a book on Autofellatio and how to Autofellate
Autofellatio is the term used to describe the act when a man performs oral sex on himself. This is a form of solo-sex or autosex. What are three tips a man can use to help him perform this sexual activity?

1) One of the first and easiest methods to apply is to increase one's intake of water. Simple enough, for sure; but hydration is extremely important for the health and flexibility of the spine. As increasing spinal flexibility is paramount to being able to perform this form of masturbation, anything we can do to increase this flexibility is invaluable. The intervertebral discs are the cartilaginous "cushions" that help act as shock absorbers between the vertebra (bones) in the spine. They also allow movement of the spine. The very center of these discs has a structure that is not unlike a ball bearing which allows the vertebra to "glide" more easily on this bearing-like structure. These ball bearings have a high concentration of water. Improper hydration in the body can affect the sponginess of these structures. When this happens, motion becomes decreased in the joints of the spine because these "bearings" are too hard. This added hardness reduces their elastic-deformation element and hampers even the most natural/normal movements.

So, simple enough: Increase your water intake and this will help ensure proper movements of/in the spine.

2) Another method for increasing one's ability to fellate themselves is through losing weight. A man with a large and protruding abdomen will restrict his ability to forward flex, just by the very nature that this increased belly size will get in the way. This isn't always extremely important in all men, but it can definitely make a difference for some men.

So, again, simple enough: If you have increased fat deposition in your abdominal region, try to shed it.

3) Another simple approach to improving the ability to autofellate is to "warm up" before performance. There are many types of "warm ups" we can talk about and utilize, but one method is to take a very hot shower or have a very hot bath. The increased heat will increase circulation to the spinal region and help relax and limber up muscles and ligaments.

Again, a simple process: Taking a hot bath/shower before proceeding with your autofellation will help increase your ability to meet your goals.