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What, exactly, is autofellatio?
Yogafellatio is a book on Autofellatio and how to Autofellate
What, exactly, is autofellatio?

Autofellatio is simple enough to understand. It simply means that one's "self" or person ("auto" in the derivation of this word) has the ability to fellate (oral stimulate a penis) by themselves. Meaning that it allows a man to perform this task by himself.

While such acts may seem uncommon and obscured in today's times, this wasn't always the case. Many facets of human history give us insight into such acts. Such extremely sophisticated cultures as the ancient Egyptians and Hindus took part in such acts.

Thanks to modern bio-mechanical research and insight it is now possible for men to learn techniques that can help them learn to autofellate. Once one delves into the working of the human spine and begins to understand the ability to release the surrounding musclulature to aid in its flexibility, men (and women, too, via cunnilingus) now have the opportunity to explore the magic of autofellatio or autosexuality.

One way to help one get a handle on the ability to perform autofellatio is to start taking Yoga classes. Surprisingly, it is not the extreme and most difficult Yogic positions that can help a man on his way to autofelatio; actually, a lot of the beginner to moderate teachings can help a man out.

As most men have tried autofellatio at least one time in their lives (according to polled research), autofellatio may be a worthy practice to re-unite onself with if they were unable to properly perform autofellatio before.