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What Is One of the Most Incredible Form of Masturbation for Men? Autofellatio Ponderings
Yogafellatio is a book on Autofellatio and how to Autofellate
Masturbation is one of those things that most people do, but not a lot of people openly discuss such personal aspects of their sexuality. Self-pleasure stimulation seems to be something that most of us feel guilty or embarrassed about, to some degree or another. Such feelings may have been borne out of how we were raised, our religion, culture, eduction, or even by our own sexual feelings and experiences.

The fact is that masturbation is normal and it remains a part of the animal kingdom at large - it is not just relegated to human beings. Truly, humans are not the only ones who enjoy this personal-implemented form of sexual stimulation. One doesn't have to think or contemplate very hard why masturbation is so appealing. Such acts can help us relieve stress and anxiety, it gives our heart and blood system a good work-out, and joyously enough, it feels good.

I mentioned that many animals masturbate. This is true. It is also true that a lot of animals also perform autofellatio and autocunnilingus. This is where a male or female stimulates their own genitalia with their mouths and tongue. It's quite common to see dogs do this, hence the saying, "Why does a dog lick himself? Because he can."

The key idea and concept being "Because he can." Most men and women don't believe that this form of autosexuality can so easily be performed. They logically deduce that they cannot get close enough to perform such self-stimulatory acts.

This is hardly the truth. Such techniques can be accomplished with education and practice. It's sort of like skiing. If you don't know how to ski it looks awfully difficult and terrifying. Most people who first try to ski fall down and crash consistently. However, with practice, they can learn how to ski like a professional. The key word and concept is "practice." Of course, learning the correct methods of skiing is also extremely important, too.

Autofellatio and Autocunnilingus are the same way. If one has the proper training and practices the correct techniques and stretches, these forms of masturbatory pleasures are not that difficult to accomplish. What is so incredible about these forms of autosexuality is that it puts YOU in the driver's seat, giving YOU ultimate control of YOUR pleasure.

This self-control and being in total control of your own sexual perception, stimulation, and guidance is what makes these acts so incredible. When one is able to modulate every aspect of their physical sexual stimulation, including self-mental stimulation (through fantasy) then such forms of masturbation go beyond what most people can't even begin to comprehend. An entirely new sexual world opens up with your sexuality at the epicenter of its potential pleasure - All for YOU to explore, relish, and enjoy.