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Will Having a Small Penis Prevent Me From Performing Autofellatio?
Yogafellatio is a book on Autofellatio and how to Autofellate
Many people equate the ability to perform autofellatio (self-oral stimulation of the penis) with having a long penis. It makes perfect sense, really. The longer a man's penis is, the easier time he will have performing this auto-sexual act of pleasure. I'm sure everyone will agree on this aspect.

So, the added length of a long penis is certainly a bonus for men. This is why some men who are interested in auto-fellatio have also taken up penis enlargement. They understand the added benefit of penile length to accomplish their self-sexual goals.

The bottom line is, however, what happens if a man has a penis that is short in length, such as a micropenis? Does this ruin his chances of being able to autofellate?

The answer is "No." It might take the man a longer period of time to reach his autofellating goals, but it won't ruin his opportunity to perform such acts (all other variables being positive toward being able to autofellate, of course).

One easy way to prove this is to examine the act of autocunnilingus. This is the ability for a woman to stimulate her own vulva with her own mouth, lips, and tongue. This is not an urban legend or myth, it can actually be accomplished, believe it or not. Considering that a woman does not have a penis at all, it means that she will have to come into direct contact with her vulva, with her mouth/tongue. The absence of a penis means she will have to be more limber than a man to realize her goals.

So, even a micro-penis will make autofellating easier for a man, compared to any other woman (again, all else being equal).